The Band

The Band

Monday, April 22, 2013

Señor Cabrales - six traditional musicians hailing from northern Spain and Australia, Señor Cabrales' unique sound, combining Spanish bagpipes, fiddle, flute, mandolin, bouzouki and bodhran, has been thrilling audiences across Australia. Let them take you on an exciting Celtic musical journey from wild Atlantic coast of northern Spain, through Brittany to the windswept and haunted outer islands of Scotland.

.... Hand-crafted from arcane regional components, Cabrales is unique, pungent and not for the faint-hearted. Hidden in darkness in vertiginous mountain caves in vain attempts to achieve maturity, the Señor emerges sporadically to delight aficionados (and unsuspecting others). Often complex, fruity and biting, mouldy, sometimes a mite crumbly, but never, never predictable. Best enjoyed with several tumblers of rustic sidra, or a crisp alboriño. Approach.... with caution !

The Band:
Roger Hargraves - Fiddle
Ian Stewart - Flute & Whistle
Juan Cordero - Gaita Asturiana
Bruce Cameron - Mandolin
Nick Rigby - Bouzouki
Jim McWhinnie - Bodhran

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Anonymous said...

Really loving the music on your album, bought at the glen innes celtic festival. Can you update your schedule for the rest of the year? I'm looking forward to hearing you play live again. Thanks for the beautiful music.